PL Ladies

We are three South Surrey moms: Grace, Kelsey, and Corie. Corie has worked as a graphic designer for 10 years, so we have kickass marketing! Kelsey has a background in Psychology and Education, and currently manages all public relations and social media – she works hard on our beautiful, daily instagram posts! And Grace is a Clinical Counsellor, and the Purely Local super secretary. The three of us complement each other and feel blessed to be business partners and close friends.

Purely Local operates with integrity, respect, and trust, and works with others who share the same values

Purely Local began with our mutual love for finding local, quality clothes for our children (also known as a shopping problem). Corie suggested that we start hosting shopping markets in our community as a side hustle. South Surrey’s lack of a selection combined with our need to stay sane while pumping out babies, pushed us to make the idea happen. Our first market was in April 2016 at Crescent Beach, and we are proudly becoming a successful brand and enjoying every milestone. We love finding new talent and connecting with the makers. We are continuously awestruck by their creativity and talent and inspired by their courage and strength to start their own business – it’s hard work, especially with little kids! Ultimately, Purely Local connects us with wonderful people and contributes to our community within British Columbia.


How do I get featured on your website?
Fill out the Contact Us Form below or drop us a line at We work with companies who share similar values and represent our vision, so if we feel it is a good fit, we will let you know.

How do I become a vendor at your markets?
Fill out the application form here.

What does ‘local’ mean?
Local to us means that your brand is based in BC.

Why is shopping locally so important?
Shopping locally (and small) means that the money you spend goes right back into your community. By shopping locally, you are purchasing quality made items while supporting someone in your area that has worked hard and truly deserves the support.


Purely Local Mailing Address: PO Box 44995, Ocean Park PO, Surrey BC V4A 9L1