Why Jax & Lennon Co. is Purely Local Approved

Jax and Lennon Co. is one of my favorite local clothing brands for moms and kids. The clothing line is stylish, flattering, and very comfortable. My son loves wearing his Jax clothes just as much as I love seeing him in them. The colours and prints compliment each other perfectly, as you can mix and match every item. Kelsie, the talented designer behind the brand uses high quality bamboo, my new choice fabric for clothing, as it’s soft, breathable, durable and sustainable – it’s awesome. Most importantly, the South Surrey Mom designs and makes everything right here in the lower mainland.

My Favorite Item Right Now

For me, I rock the ladies tunic, paired with jeans, as it’s long, comfortable, and perfect  for the mom uniform. And for all you breastfeeding moms, her women’s line uses bamboo, which is great because you can stretch it out, but it doesn’t get stretched out. For my son, I am super stoked for him to debut his camo swim trunks this summer from her new swimsuit line.

Want to have some Jax & Lennon Co. in your closet?

You can view her full 2017 Spring/Summer line here and use our exclusive discount code for 10% off: PURELYLOCAL (Offer valid until May 26th 2017).

Please enjoy reading our Q&A with owner and designer, Kelsie Power, who is also a regular at our markets.

Photography by Erin Ocampo – Erin Ocampo Photography
Styling by – Purely Local

Products shown in story:
Jax & Lennon Co. Iced Plum Spin Dress
Jax & Lennon Co. Rose Quartz Spin Dress
Jax & Lennon Co. Stripe Long Sleeve Dress
Jax & Lennon Co. Slate Zip Hoodie
Jax & Lennon Co. Salt & Pepper Lounge Pants
Jax & Lennon Co. Headbands
Glitter & Spice – Kids Silicone Teething Necklace – Amelia
Glitter & Spice – Silicone Teething Necklace – Callista


Q&A with Jax & Lennon Co.

Introduce Yourself. Give us a short description of your brand.
My name is Kelsie Power and I am the owner and designer of Jax and Lennon Clothing Co. Jax & Lennon Co. is a children’s & ladies clothing company based out of White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. Our focus is modern, sustainable, & eco friendly baby and toddler essentials. We work primarily with bamboo due to its many desirable features as a textile. All of our items are designed by me and made locally here in the Lower Mainland.

Tell us the story of how your started your business. What made you want to start your brand?
Easy! My son Jaxton! When he was born I was so disillusioned by what was available from the design and the fabric of children’s wear that I began sourcing fabric, designing and sewing to fulfil my wants and needs.

What’s something that you are most passionate about, business and/or personally in your life?
Health! Since I’ve had children and have become more aware of our environment and what we are putting on and in our bodies. It’s a priority for me to eliminate as many chemicals, additives, and toxins as I can from our home. I’ve become so passionate about this & I never leave home without my everyday essential oils and nutritionals for my littles, mama and daddy! I seriously couldn’t live without them!

Who or what are your inspirations when creating?
My kids, Jax and Lennon, are definitely my inspiration when creating pieces for our brand. I strive to create soft, comfortable and easy-to-play in pieces for everyday wear.

What sets you and your brand apart from others?
Every season we focus not only on what we love but also what we know our customers will love too. Our main goal is to offer clothing that you can transition from season to season, eliminating the need for fast fashion. The pieces have been designed and colors have been chosen carefully to allow for unlimited mix and match options for every personality and style. The vast majority of our line is made with bamboo. Bamboo fabric is light and strong, buttery soft, silky and luxurious to the touch. It is breathable and temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal and odor resistant! Our line is meant to last; it’s meant to grow with your little one, to be played in, to be snuggled in, to be dirtied, and then to be passed on. It’s made to be loved & to make memories in!

What is the greatest opportunity that you have been offered due to your brand?
Networking and collaborating with other creatives! I love the sense of community between local-makers. I love having the opportunity to be a part of these kids lives- wearing these pieces and these items being passed down through each child.

Where are you from?
I was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland and lived there until I was 12 years old.

What advice would you give to other mom entrepreneurs?
My best advice would be to always stay true to yourself. Whatever your values are, make sure that your business is a representation of you. It will be sustainable if you work hard and keep your goals and vision clear.

How do you balance family and work?
Take-out…. Definitely take-out! It is definitely a struggle as any working mom would know! I’m very lucky to have a supportive family that helps me with both the business, kids as well as the day-to-day home life.

What is your favourite product in your line? Why?
Haha, this is a hard question! It’s like being asked, “Who is your favourite child?”. If I had to choose, it would currently be the SS17 Gauze Dress. It is light, airy and it is the perfect dress-up or wear-casually dress with its high-low hem and crisscross back.

What is your favourite part of being an entrepreneur?
There is nothing more exciting than seeing our happy customers wearing their Jax & Lennon Clothing! Whether it’s in my local neighborhood or being tagged in a photo, I love seeing how each piece is paired.