Why K’Pure is Purely Local Approved

K’Pure Natural Body Care is an Abbotsford based company that makes all-natural and effective bath and body products for your whole family. Owner and maker, Karen Johnson spent years researching and formulating her non-toxic line to create one-of-a-kind products she can stand by. All of the products are aesthetically pleasing, have a lovely fragrance, and most importantly, work WELL.

Favourite items right now:

Being a breastfeeding mom of two little ones, I aim to be as toxin free as possible, so I made the switch over to natural deodorant. My previous experience left me smelly and friendless, but Get Closer actually works! I did a ‘smellfie’ after a classic mom moment of sweating bullets while wearing my fussy baby and cleaning poop off my tantruming toddler, and K’Pure passed the test! I also enjoy using the essential oil sprays at the beginning and end of my day, as they provide me a sense of calm and refresh and work as a facial toner, room spray, and laundry freshener. Finally, I really like the Comfort Spice Room Spray – it is strong enough to completely mask bad odors, with a distinctly cozy aroma.

Want K’Pure in your home?

K’Pure is a regular at our markets, and you can also shop all K’Pure Naturals here. Use code: PURELY10 to get 10% off your order (Offer valid until June 2nd 2017).

Photography and styling by Corie Robson – Purely Local

Products shown in story:
k-pure Comfort Spice Linen and Room Spray
k-pure Get Closer All Natural Deodorant
k-pure Play Outside Zinc Oxide Sun Cream
k-pure Recover Bath Soak
k-pure Sleepy Time Foaming Baby Wash
k-pure Settle Down Calming Essential Oil Spray
k-pure SMOOCH Super Moisturizing Lip Balm
k-pure Fresh Bath and Shower Gel
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