Why I Love Candy’s Sweet Tables

Candace Benfield is a mompreneur who turned her love of baking and throwing  beautifully decorated birthday parties into a business after continually being asked to make  dessert tables for friends. She has designed sweet tables for two parties in my home: a “Rosé All Day” mom brunch  and our annual Christmas Sweater Party. After just having my second baby, I was in dire need to have fun with friends, but didn’t have the time or skill set to pull it off. Candace made it happen – the table was girly and gorgeous with pink Prosecco and Macaroons, chocolate covered Strawberries, and homemade goodies. You can see pictures featured below. At our sweater party, Candace made delicious christmas sweater sugar cookies that blew everyone away and truly showcased her eye for design. I’m also grateful to have Candace as a good friend, love you, Candace!

Why Candace Stands Out

Candace knows it all when it comes to desserts and her attention to detail is unbelievable. She takes baking and curating sweets to another level, and creates an art exhibit of custom desserts. She tailors her tables to fit the theme of your party and makes sure to include your favorite sweets. Her tables become the centerpiece of the party, leaving the guests impressed and their sweet cravings fulfilled.

Want to have Candy’s Sweet Tables at your next event?

If you’re wanting to wow your friends and family at your next party but don’t bake – Candace will take care of it for you! Candy’s is perfect for a kid’s birthday party, a mom’s brunch, or an intimate wedding. Check  her website out here and book your table before August 31st (event can be after the summer) and receive 10% off (or something of equal value) by pasting “PL&Candyssweetsummer10” in your contact message. Please enjoy reading our Q&A with owner and designer, Candace Benfield.

Q&A with Candy’s Sweet Tables

Introduce Yourself. Give us a short description of your brand.
Hello, I’m Candace (A.K.A. Candy) My business is all about being creative and alleviating extra work for the host, while adding a wow factor to any event. Sweet Tables are a fun and delicious feature for any occasion and can really bring a theme or colour scheme to life.

Tell us the story of how your started your business. What made you want to start your brand?
I started out putting together treat tables for my sons birthday parties and high teas at Easter. I noticed that while there are event planners that incorporate this idea into their business, I didn’t know of anyone who specialized in treat tables alone. This is where I came up with the concept for Candy’s Sweet Tables.

What’s something that you are most passionate about, business and/or personally in your life?
Baking has been one of my passions for a long time. I always use the best quality ingredients and have a lot of experience using substitutions for food sensitivities. I also love food photography and styling goes hand in hand with that. Supporting local, small businesses is something that’s really important in my life so, I wanted to make a point of incorporating that into my business as well.

Who or what are your inspirations when creating?
I can find inspiration everywhere. Whether it’s a movie, Pinterest, Instagram or when I’m out shopping, I like to start with an idea and then make it my own. It’s important to me to be authentic and as original with my ideas as possible. Once I have a concept, it seems to evolve naturally from there.

What sets you and your brand apart from others?
As a baker who specializes in Sweet Tables, everything that I make, is inspired and part of bringing a vision to life. I think the concept of everything being custom and personalized for each event is what sets Candy’s Sweet Tables apart.

What is the greatest opportunity that you have been offered due to your brand?
The best part of starting my business has been the opportunity to meet and connect with other small business owners and mompreneurs. By incorporating other businesses into my Sweet Tables I have discovered some of the best artisans around and made some great friends along the way.

Where are you from?

What advice would you give to other mom entrepreneurs? How do you balance family and work?
It’s all about balance. I started Candy’s Sweet Tables after being a stay at home mom for 9 years. I think there needs to be a deeper motivation than just making money, mine was creativity and connection. Designate a certain amount of time each day for emails and social media. It can be consuming if you don’t. Put in the hard work but be sure to make time for yourself and family. That’s what’s most important at the end of the day.

I’m fortunate that what I do gives me a lot of flexibility to balance both. I’m able to bring my kids along while doing errands for my business. I started doing sweet tables when my youngest was a very attached baby so I accomplish most of my baking/ decorating late at night and have worked into the morning hours, many times. My husband is also very supportive, helps out with setting up and even made a customizable wooden backdrop for my tables.